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We're Building Survival Pods

Insulated, single-occupancy Emergency Survival Pods for our un-homed neighbors. Built 100% on volunteer hours with a mixture of purchased and donated materials – because we care about the the environment, too. 

1 pod for just $250 dollars – can you help? Any amount helps!

Ok. Heres the deal.

E.N.G.A.G.E. Inc. has no extra money but lots of will to build Emergency Survival Pods.

E.N.G.A.G.E. Inc. has no extra money but lots of will to build Emergency Survival Pods.

We spent thousands of dollars on Emergency Relief Packs during the first 8 weeks of the “Shelter in Place” order due to the COVID19 pandemic. Our volunteers distrubuted over 3,000 packs to unhoused neighbors in over 30 different neighborhoods throughout the County. Bravo to all the Street Gnomes who made that shit happen without a damn dime of taxpayer money. Or strings. Or drama.
All pods are fully insulated
Completed Pod
Out for Delivery
Completed Pods

100% Private Donations | Loads of Volunteer hours

What's in a build?

We built 6 Survival Pods last year based on 100% private donations and lots of volunteer service. We just completed 5 more. Again, no ones getting paid. Building them, at cost, for $250 each.

The materials

We source donated and reusable materials whenever possible because.. #theenvironment. 

Each pod is fully insulated, painted with (donated) latex paint, and sealed with silicone for added weather protection.

The Labor

It’s all volunteer because we live among good, gracious people. Shout out to David Andre and Chris Housely, among others!

Engaging Neighbors to Generate Action via Grassroots Efforts

Support Survival Pods

$1,295 of $25,000 raised

Donations for $40 and $80 are eligible for a #DilDOCO shirt, designed and hand-made by Kim Church and Jesse Vasquez. (See photos below)
Please add your size and contact info in the comment below.
Shirts are black crewneck, unisex sizes. Available for local pickup Tuesdays as Sac Safe Space

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from your friends at E.N.G.A.G.E. Inc.


These shirts are not for sale

Jesse Vasquez and I (Kim) are betting y’all want some of our #DILDOCO in your life. Cuz it just seems to get more relevant every day. So we put our heads together and figured out these shirts are not for sale. 😉 Isn’t that absurd? And isn’t absurdity what this is about?


Anyone who donates $40 will receive one of these bad-ass custom art pieces some might just call another graphic black T-shirt. Seems cooler way to say thanks than just some stock thank you letter, right?

And if you kick down $80, you can have back and front graphics so pedestrians can almost see right through the absurdity of #DestinationSacramento. 100% of that money will be used to produce Survival Pods.