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Sacramento Safe Space for Unhomed Youth provides services to the hundreds of folks age 18-30 experiencing homelessness in Sacramento

*statistics based on average count

community is a verb

every tuesday morning

The Annex at St. Paul’s Episcopal Church 
1430 J Street 
Sacramento, CA 95814

9am – 12pm


a hot meal

hygiene kits

survival gear

community resources


Winter jackets, shoes, and warm socks are high in demand. Non-perishable foods, hygiene and menstrual items are always welcome. Contact E.N.G.A.G.E. INC. for drop-off information.

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You can make an immediate impact 
100% of your donation directly benefits your unhomed neighbors.
We can't do this without you.

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Sponsor a Tent Cot: Save a life

The Need

Officials are still figuring out the game plan for more emergency shelter, more bridge housing, and more affordable housing. It's a layered catastrophe, now clearly at PANDEMIC levels. We need to act now.

The Plan

We have a template for transitional encampments: Tent Cots. Tent cots are self-contained and provide what every unsheltered human deserves, at minimum: Protection, privacy, a safe space.

Such encampments would use the "Safe Organized Spaces" template developed out of the Saint Francis Homelessness Challenge in SF. #SOS They would comply with all public health and safety protocols and would have access to medical and mental health services. #ShelterNow

How You Can Help

For the next six months, E.N.G.A.G.E. Inc. will be focused on raising capital to purchase materials to supply self-governing transitional encampments (tent cots) + survival gear. Every dollar makes a difference and 100% of every dollar goes directly to benefit houseless individuals.

ENGAGE, Inc. Spent $3,000 on March 20, 2020 to kick off the Tent Cot Campaign. We need your support to continue the project. If you can, please give using the button above.



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Waterproof/Water-Resistant OuterwearHeavy Socks (gently used/new)Thermal UnderwearTentsSleeping BagsTarpsZip TiesFlashlights/Headlights

Non-Perishable FoodsHygiene Supplies (toothbrush/toothpaste, shampoo, soap, washcloth, etc.)Menstrual Supplies (pads/tampons/menstrual cups)Waterproof/Water-Resistant OuterwearHeavy Socks (gently used/new)Thermal UnderwearTentsSleeping BagsTarpsZip TiesFlashlights/Headlights

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